Stages Learning Materials is dedicated to creating quality teaching tools to help educators provide the best learning opportunities for students on the autism spectrum. We believe that teachers empowered with organized, quality resources and teaching materials will be better equipped to personalize instruction to individual student needs.

A well designed curriculum should be intuitive, so teachers spend less time on organization and routine tasks, and more time interacting with students. Learn more about STAGES® Philosophy here.

Stages Learning Materials values student learning and development first. A commitment to equity and access guides our product development, our business model, and our customer service.

We will persist in finding a way for every parent and every educator to secure the tools they need to provide their students with the best possible education.

  • Madeline Burroughs


    “ I love the collaborative spirit at Stages. As an educator there is no better feeling than working in an environment that cares about my professional growth and is so encouraging and supportive. ”

  • Chloe Fay


    “ I have been a contributing blog writer for Stages Learning Materials for the past two years. What I have enjoyed most about my time is their enthusiasm to explore the latest trends, conversations, research and news about the autism community. ”

  • Leslie Stebbins, Ed.M., MLIS

    Director for Research & Project Manager

    “ Stages is a collaborative team environment with a strong focus on giving back and creating quality tools for children using, iterative design processes. Angela’s strong interest in mentorship makes Stages a great place to grow professionally. ”