Stages Learning Materials is dedicated to creating quality teaching tools to help educators provide the best learning opportunities for students on the autism spectrum. We believe that teachers empowered with organized, quality resources and teaching materials will be better equipped to personalize instruction to individual student needs.

The coming year will be one of amazing growth for STAGES Learning. We are in development on an online platform to facilitate distance-learning for individuals on the autism spectrum. The platform will pair two-way video conferencing with a dual-facing, interactive browser-based platform, allowing the teacher to present materials to the student, observe on their screen how the student interacts with the materials, and then to deliver electronic and personal video feedback to the student.

By offering teachers a way to engage in flexible real-time lessons that they can adapt to their student's level of engagement via face-to-face video interaction, supplemented with parental participation, we can better simulate an in-person learning experience, and provide a tailored education to those children who are unable to learn in the classroom.

Our vision is audacious. We want to use the STAGES Learning Line platform to make sure every child... everywhere... has access to quality autism education.


Job Summary:

As a software developer on the Stage Learning Line team, you will be responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining our products.


● Contribute to the design, development, and maintenance of major features on our products

● Apply professional design and development best-practices

● Balance deadlines, functionality, and quality

● Understand the constraints of operating in a regulated development environment

● Maintain and improve the product’s devops pipeline

● Document your work appropriately (requirements, designs, code, training information, etc.)

● Participate in project scoping, requirements gathering, and time estimation

● Strive to complete your deliverables according to requirements and within the time estimates

● Balance maintenance responsibilities with project deliverables.

● Provide management with accurate and timely data regarding task progress

● Provide training to new team member and the different support teams.

Required Experience/Skills:

● Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, related discipline, or equivalent skills and

practical industry experience

● Strong experience developing commercial software using

● Solid experience using Java in application development - applicants with

equivalent C++/C# experience can be considered

● Good experience with design patterns

● Experience designing and building complex data workflows for customers

● Understanding of web services development using Java (HTTP, REST APIs, Tomcat)

Job Description

● Knowledge of multithreaded or event-driven programming

● Experience writing unit tests and e2e tests

● Ability to adapt to working with a wide array of technologies and languages

● Knowledgeable about building secure, scalable & resilient web applications is an asset

Desired qualifications:

● Experience with core Javascript and front-end web development technologies (Angular,

TypeScript, HTML5, AJAX, CSS)

● Good experience with relational database design, SQL and design patterns

● Experience with Unix, shell scripts, command line

● Familiarity with the Agile and scrum methodology

● Knowledge of AWS services