Hiring to Support Expansion

The coming year will be one of amazing growth for STAGES Learning. We are beginning a new digital development initiative to facilitate distance-learning for individuals on the autism spectrum by pairing two-way video conferencing with a dual-facing, interactive browser-based platform, allowing the teacher to present materials to the student, observe on their screen how the student interacts with the materials, and then to deliver electronic and personal video feedback to the student.

The lessons will be specifically tied to Stages existing, research-based curriculum which follows a logical scope and sequence, covering the language, pre-academic, social, and self-help skills critical to student development.

By offering teachers a way to engage in flexible real-time lessons that they can adapt to their student's level of engagement via face-to-face video interaction, supplemented with parental participation, we can better simulate an in-person learning experience, and provide a tailored education to those children who are unable to learn in the classroom.

Our vision is audacious. We want to use the STAGES Learning Line platform to make sure every child... everywhere... has access to quality autism education.

Positions we want to fill in the next 6 months

While we are not formally listing jobs for this initiative, we want to make sure we don't miss any amazing candidates who want to join the founding digital team. STAGESĀ® primary hiring goal is to build the right team. If you are excited by what you read about STAGES and our upcoming plans, and believe you could bring passion and commitment to a role, please send us your resume and a brief letter explaining how you believe you can benefit the team.

If you do not see a job title listed, but you believe you have something to bring to the team, please let us know!

Above all, we are looking for the right people over the exact positions.

Mid-Career or Later Positions

  • Experienced Data Scientists & Data Analysts
  • Experienced UX/UI Designers
  • Digital Media Manager
  • Experienced Digital Marketers
  • Board Certified Behavior Analyst
  • Experienced Professional Development Specialist
  • Product Manager
  • Curriculum & Instructional Design Specialist
  • E-Learning Development Specialist
  • Finance Specialist & Controller

Entry-Level or Early Career Positions

  • Entry Level Tech Developers: Front & Back End
  • Digital Media Creators
  • Social Media & Digital Community Manager
  • Professional Development Coordinator
  • Customer Care Specialist
  • Curriculum & Instructional Design Associate
  • E-Learning Development Associate
  • Account Development Associate
  • Digital On-boarding Coordinator